About Us

Are you feeling overwhelmed by stress or anxiety? Do you want to find a supportive community to discuss mental well-being in the African context? 

Welcome to TimeWithRella!

TimeWithRella is a platform dedicated to promoting conversations about health, wellness, and self-development. Our podcast and community create a safe space to discuss and raise awareness of everyday situations that impact our mental well-being. We shine a light on issues like stress, anxiety, and depression, but through a unique lens: sharing personal stories and lessons from everyday Africans just like you.

Our Purpose & Mission

Our purpose is to connect and inspire you to be kinder to yourself, develop better coping mechanisms for change, and learn new things that help you grow. By doing this, we hope to reduce shame and suffering and make people feel seen and understood.

Our mission is to inspire kindness, compassion, healing, and love for oneself and the African community. We envision a safe space for people to share, be vulnerable, heal, rediscover themselves, and become the best versions of themselves.

Our values are Love, Compassion, and Kindness.

Join us on our journey to self-discovery! Subscribe to the TimeWithRella podcast and connect with us online. Together, let’s build a kinder, healthier Africa.

Podcast Hosts

Podcaster | Writer | Personal Trainer | Health & Wellness Enthusiast

Master Trainer
Physical Activity Specialist
Kettlebell Training Advocate

Entrepreneur | Author | Publishing Consultant | Blogger | Teen Girls Coach

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